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2006 - Gestaltungstechnischer Assistent 
Lüttfeld Berufskolleg Lemgo
2010 - Director of Photography (BA)
ifs, internationale filmschule köln
2018 - Director of Photography (MA)
HMS, Hamburg Media School
Since 2014 Cinematographer
for Feature Film, Commercial and Documentary

©Frédéric Batier

MöVI Pro Gimbal Stabilizer for Alexa Mini, Red and others
The MöVI Pro Gimbal can be used as a flexible lightweight remote head and could be mounted on a camera crane, dolly with jib arm and car mounts.
Just as well you can use it in handheld mode for the characteristic smooth look. 
Canon C500 MKII Full-frame Camera
Full-frame 6K cinema camera with lenses and accessories.

©Felix Tonnat       +49 176 32580496     22083 Hamburg - Germany
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